Kanbearings have a strong presence across many industries, helping ensure successful businesses stay successful and maximize their profitability. Our split to the shaft bearings features most frequently in conveyors, marine propulsion, fans, cooling beds, continuous castors & more…

We operate in industries including steel, mining, marine, conventional power and cement where operating conditions are beyond the average – including situations that are often dirty and feature extreme temperatures – so it’s vital that our split bearings rise to the challenge every time.

Kanbearings services the automotive industry by offering high-quality bronze bearings for Heavy-Duty Truck, Trailer, and Construction Vehicle industries. Our products are shipped around the world and well known for their fit and trouble-free installation. We are always ready for new orders by maintaining a large inventory of ready-to-machine product.

Kanbearings specialty machined bearings offer a greaseless, maintenance-free solution to extend the service life of the machines they support. Our bearings are used in tractors, backhoes, mowers, cultivators, seeders, harvesters, sprayers, plows, tillers, planters and more to deliver superior performance and reduce system costs.

Kanbearings carries niche product including specialty alloys with antimicrobial properties well suited for food and dairy processing. Our valves, fittings, and gears are used throughout the food and dairy industry on a wide scale. Professional Monofilament Extrusion Lines Manufacturer

Kanbearings supplies parts for a wide array of construction and mining industries. Some of our common orders are bearing segments, gib segments, wear plates, spacers, shaft bearings, transfer bearings, gear blanks, cylinder liners, and bearing support rings.

Our parts are used for a wide variety of application, such as flex shafts, valve stems, pump shafts, pump impellers, wear plates, marine hardware, and many other demanding applications where heavy loads, corrosion, conductivity, and abrasion are concerns. We stock the alloys the oil and gas industry demands and us custom machine high-quality material to the exact specifications needed for our customers.

Custom Machined Parts

Kanbearings has a full shop of state-of-the-art machines including CNC lathes and mills. What’s more, we employ the finest skilled trades workers in the industry to ensure a high level of quality in our work – and satisfaction for our customers. We supply parts to your exact specifications.

For nearly 10+ years Kan Bearings has provided a first class, quality bearing service to all business sectors, including the trade and the public. Whether it’s one bearing or a group contract, no order is too big or too small for our experienced, skilled team.
If you’re looking for quality bearings at competitive prices then you’ve found the right place. Here at KAN Bearings, our massive warehouse stock and vast bearing range ensure we have the bearing you need.